CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Rocks!

This isn’t my house, thank goodness, but look what happens to this basement carpet that a guy REBUILT A MOTORCYCLE on.  If you’re looking for a NO SOAP way to clean your carpets and help them stay clean, call CitruSolution at 770-781-9584 or visit

I’ve used the steam cleaners before at my house and found several problems:

1) their cost estimate isn’t accurate, it seems to change when they show up

2) they use soap in my carpet that they can’t possibly remove out of the carpet

3) they use way too much water, leaving the possibility for mold in the carpet pad or underneath the carpet pad

When I met the CitruSolution guys and learned about their process (my environmental consulting hat was on at the time), it just made absolute sense, so I had them clean my house.  They even left behind a bottle of free spot cleaner for me.  Now it’s been cleaned several times, saving my carpet and preventing the need for a multi-thousand dollar carpet replacement.