Polo Capital Improvements

  • Driving range upgrades to include new bag stands, yardage easels, ball washers and benches
  • The patio area will be upgraded to complement the already phenomenal views
  • The bunkers will be updated and renovated
  • Cart path issues will be addressed
  • As mentioned earlier, the Bar and Dining Room is undergoing a great makeover.

Clubhouse Parking Project Pushed Back

The plans to repave the parking area has been pushed back a little to make way for the golf course and clubhouse improvement projects.  As anyone who has done work with heavy equipment, it takes its toll on pavement.  So, it’s prudent that this project be one of the last so that any damage done during these other projects can be minimized.

Clubhouse Renovation Planned

In the future, you’ll see a complete renovation of the interior of the Polo Golf & Country Club clubhouse.  At the end of the renovation of the main floor, the staff will undertake work on the downstairs office areas and the new fitness area.  As with any project, there’s going to be some inconvenience and mess, but Sequoia tells us that they think the result will be a “wow” for the members.  If you’d like to get an idea of the look coming our way, check out the website of the designer chosen for the job, Van Dresser Company.  Some of the projects that Glenna Greene and her colleagues have tackled include the expansion at TPC Sawgrass.

Polo Clubhouse Improvements Started

Sequoia Golf’s interior designer, Patti Agey has identified several projects which should have a quick impact on the look and feel of the Polo Golf & Country Club clubhouse.  So far, some of those that have been completed include the replacement of server carts, new cushions and a fresh coat of paint for the porch & back patio.  In addition, you’ll see some new plasma television along with new lighting and fans.

At the rear of the building, some of those mechanical and utility items have been screened to improve the looks of the clubhouse rear.

Probably most notably, those old fogged windows in the ballrooms have been replaced so that the beautiful views of the putting green, lake and golf course are unimpeded.